Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hello Danny,

We were all pleased with the system and the techs. Our LD Jon Tosarello was very happy with everything, you will probably hear from him directly. As for audio, John Watson was happy with the PA, sounded great and was quite pleased. He was also very impressed with the audio tech you sent, very impressed. So we will keep you and your company in the very positive file for future work. As for me, our communication was excellent. We were able to work things out quickly without any real issues, you rose to the occasion. Tosarello and I liked working with you.


Steve Voudouris, Tour Manager
Lynyrd Skynyrd

2014 Rexall Place Edmonton
Allstar supplied a full Meyer PA system, Midas and Yamaha consoles, and 16 mixes of Meyer monitors and sidefills

Hey Danny,

I am sending you an email to tell you what a GREAT JOB Chris and Chelsea did. They were great, the gear was great, and the load in / out went great!. I’ve mentioned to Steve Voudouris that I would like to use Allstar (with Chris and Chelsea of course) for any and all future gigs we do in the area. Thank you for reaching out and I look forward to the next time.

Jonny “Tosar” Tosarello
Lighting Designer/Director
Lynyrd Skynyrd