Lighting Solutions

Allstar can guide you through your Entertainment Lighting and Stage Lighting installation project, from design through to finished product.

With over 40 years experience in performance, entertainment architectural and stage lighting, Allstar provides the best in service and superior products to give our clients total satisfaction.

  • Whether you are renovating your existing space, replacing
    existing equipment, or designing a new space, let us put our
    years of experience and product knowledge to work for you
    to bring your vision to life.
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May Wilson Theater

Just wanted to say that we are at a 10 year point with our Major Equipment Budget at the Mae Wilson Theatre and Graham Hall, our Artistic/Executive Director, has been in touch with Roy. Wanted to say that he has so far been fantastic and we had a great conversation yesterday about moving forward and upgrading our lighting rig. Please send along my thanks to him for being understanding, helpful and highly experienced in trying to make our transition smooth.

Regards, Shane Clark

Lighting Solutions


Allstar can provide the right solution for you. We are an authorized dealer for all major brands of architectural lighting, special effects, intelligent lighting, control systems and stage lighting. Contact us to discuss your lighting needs.

Stage Lighting
LED Lighting
Consoles and Control Systems
  • There are many different types of stage lighting instruments to create mood, atmosphere and emotion.
  • The right choice of fixtures and design are crucial to bringing your creative ideas and vision to life.
  • Our experienced team can guide you through every aspect of your project.
  • LED lighting for performance and entertainment lighting solutions means fewer restrictions for design and placement of lighting fixtures.
  • Lower power consumption, and less heat emission mean lower material costs and operating expenses.
  • Low profile, panel mount and flush mount fixtures allow for more streamlined and clean installations, and for retrofitting an existing traditional lighting system, making it possible to increase output while reducing energy consumption. Contact us to discuss the Possibilities for you.
  • Successful projects require the proper choice of consoles and control.
  • Your Lighting Control and Lighting Console requirements need to be achieved in the most cost efficient and user friendly way.
  • Allstar is here to help meet those needs. Our programmers, designers and installers are ready to work with you on your next project, from small computer based applications to sophisticated Light Control systems and Lighting Consoles.
Architectural Lighting
Intelligent Lighting
  • Lighting can create Striking displays in almost any space, from community and public buildings, museums, retail spaces, and hospitality spaces, to outdoor nighttime illumination lighting for building, grounds and facades.
  • Robust lighting fixtures and LED lighting including wall washers, Cyc lights, Gobo Projectors, Intelligent Lighting, and Panel Lights
  • Contact us to discuss your architectural lighting ideas and discover the possibilities and advantages architectural lighting may have for you.
  • The term “intelligent lighting fixture” doesn’t cover a single kind of stage light. Instead, it’s a reference to any lighting that can be connected to a console, app, or computer software and controlled remotely.
  • Whether it’s an LED light with built-in color adjustment capabilities or a more complex system that allows for effects, movements, and color mixing, they can all qualify as intelligent fixtures.
  • Allstar sells all forms of Intelligent lighting, Moving Lights, Scanners, and LED lighting.