Calgary Corral Center

The Corral Centre is a 7,400 seat arena located on Calgary’s Stampede grounds. The object of this project was to replace the existing sound system with one that can deliver clean, clear audio throughout the seating as well as the ice surface. To achieve this, we incorporated a computer room modeling program by JBL Professional to calculate speaker placement and assure constant coverage throughout the facility. The final design incorporated the JBL Marquis Series loudspeakers and QSC PLX series amplifiers. Controlling the system is JBL’s DSC 260 digital processor.

Equipment List

– JBL MS115 Marquis Speaker Cabinets
– JBL MS28 Marquis Speaker Cabinets
– JBL DSC-260 Digital Processing
– Klark Teknik Equalizers

– Ashly Equalizers
– QSC PLX1602 Amplifiers
– QSC PLX1202 Amplifiers

– Behringer Ultralink Pro Mixer
– Shure UC Series Wireless Microphones
– dbx Compressor/Limiter

Scope of Work

Shop Preparation

– Prep speakers with suspension hardware
– Assemble cable as required
– Assemble CADD Drawings
– Calculate speaker placement and coverage angles
– Assemble shop drawings and cable running lists
– Assemble manuals
– Assemble As Built drawings

On Site Preparation

– Deliver equipment to site
– Coordinate site schedule with building staff
– Hang loudspeakers
– Install interface between existing and new booth equipment
– Terminate, dress and label all equipment racks
– Program system controller for proper speaker configuration
– Test and verify system functions