Breakforth Canada

Breakforth Canada
Dear Rodger –
Elsa and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the superb job you did at Break Forth Canada. You and your team
made this the best year ever. The compliments on the quality of sound, lighting and the killer LED wall seem non-stop.
You are a gift to us and to the thousands of people who were profoundly blessed and encouraged. Please pass on our thanks
to everyone at Allstar who did such an exceptional job.
With Gratitude,
Arlen and Elsa

Hi Rodger –
It has always been and will continue to be a complete pleasure working with you and with Allstar.
As Break Forth Canada progresses in 2017 and beyond under some new management, we will continue to recommend you above any other
production company. Just this morning as the Salte family band was rehearsing they were wondering how things would go this year for us as last
year with another company was a challenge. When we let them know it was you and Allstar, there was a collective sigh of relief.
Arlen and Elsa

Concert and Main Stage Edmonton Convention Center

The main stage audio has Meyer and Nexo speakers, Nexo amplification, and Meyer and Nexo processing. wireless Microphones and in ears are Shure and Sennheiser

The video for the concert and main stage has changed year to year, from an 80′ wide multi projector video system using Barco, Panasonic, and Sanyo large format projectors, to 400 panels of 4mm, 6mm, 7.8mm and 18mm LED screens

Broadcast camera systems were supplied with Sony and JVC cameras, a camera jib crane and producer stations and high quality end to end video equipment.

Lighting consists of Martin, Clay Paky, and VariLite moving fixtures, strand and ETC fixtures and control, and GrandMa, ETC, Strand and Whole Hog control. Followspot’s are Robert Juliet and Leviton.

Breakout Rooms and Other Locations

Breakforth Canada included 12 breakout rooms at the Edmonton Convention Center. These rooms were used to teach various aspects of church operation, and for talks with world renowned authors. The rooms were also used as classrooms, teaching audiovisual and lighting technologies. These classes were held by product specialists from companies such as Yamaha, JBL, Digico, Barco, Panasonic and others. Allstar held classes on the operation and programming of audiovisual and lighting products.

A trade show and exhibit which included the above manufacturers was also part of the event.

Separate locations around Edmonton held in various churches provided live entertainment and speaking engagements that were also a part of Breakforth Canada.

Equipment supplied for the the sound systems for side stages and other locations are Meyer, JBL, QSC and Nexo and the mixing consoles are Yamaha, Midas, and Allen and Heath

Our Collaboration with Breakforth

North America’s largest Christian equipping and renewal conference,

Allstar Began with Breakforth Canada in 2009. Our mission was to realize the vision of Arlen and Elsa Salte and the entire team at Breakforth. What we ended up with was a collaborative vision process that brought out the best in creativity and execution. We are proud to have been a part of the Breakforth conference that included Concerts and live entertainment, workshops, conference classes, and exhibits We are thankful to have been a part of this great event over the last many years.