Vancouver International Airport Artificial Environment

Project Overview

Utilizing audio effects to add realism and motion to an otherwise static artificial environment, customized soundscapes
offer non-directional, ambient background effects throughout the display corridor. One side of the display was designed
as a coastal scene, the other as a rainforest canopy. The audio is low-key texture effect complementing the exhibit
d├ęcor, while highlighting five key sculptural displays triggered at random, through the use of microwave motion sensors,
airport passengers enable the effects as they move alongside the display. Animal and insect sounds combine with
ocean and surf effects, creating a total experiential habitat. The system is designed to cycle through to completion
within a twenty-minute period and then go into rest mode until triggered again. Additionally, the system incorporates an
automatic emergency override tied to the airport paging system.

Equipment Overview

The installation was broken into seven zones, each with its own unique combination of multiple effects. The master PLC isa Koyo D2-230 driving seven Akman DS-138 message repeaters. Information from the repeaters is then amplified by Yamaha XH and XS amplifiers and distributed via a 70-volt network to a variety of JBL Control 23, 23T and TOA F-101CM speakers. A total of 47 speakers were used in all. Three Microwave Sensors Inc. devices located at key locations effect system triggering. Relay and control panels were custom designed, built and programmed by Allstar Show Industries, equipment racks are by Middle Atlantic