Telus World of Science Odyssium


To Whom it May Concern:

I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for ALLSTAR Show Industries.
ALLSTAR supplied and installed numerous audio and visual components for the major expansion and renovation of the Odyssium completed in 2001. In fact, not only did ALLSTAR perform superbly in their contracts with us, but they also stepped in to correct problems resulting from a contract for AN service with another company during this project.

Other experiences with ALLSTAR Show Productions are that they are a company truly focused on meeting the needs of their clients at a reasonable cost. Their flexibility and commitment to top quality service and equipment contributed significantly to the success of our project and every one of their staff who worked on our project were extremely professional and dedicated to excellence.

We would not hesitate to work with ALLSTAR Show Industries again and highly recommend them to other possible clients. Should you wish to discuss ALLSTAR further, please feel free to contact me directly.


George Smith

President & CEO

Edmonton Space & Science Foundation/Odyssium


Scope of Work

Shop Preparation:

  • Install equipment, wire and test racks for site installation
  • Prepare speaker cabinets with mounting hardware
  • Preassemble equipment for mounting
  • Manufacture custom button labels
  • Assemble manuals
  • Prep equipment for delivery to site
  • Assemble manuals
  • Provide as built CADD drawings

On site Audio:

  • Install, mount terminate, dress and test all
  • speaker and electronic components
  • Install, terminate, dress and test all equipment in racks on site
  • Terminate all electronic equipment to supplied A/C locations
  • Consult and schedule with subtrades
  • Terminate, dress and label all equipment racks

On Site Video and Lighting:

  • Install projection screens
  • Assemble and install rear projection system
  • Test, install and focus projectors
  • Pull cable to all necessary location
  • Train staff on proper use of equipment
  • Install, mount terminate, dress and test all lighting fixtures
  • Program and test all audio and video displays
  • Complete system check, equalize and gain set