• – Amazing Kick Stage Mic
  • – Great for Studio Work
  • – Rugged Reliability

The supercardioidcardioid pickup pattern limits interference from other on-stage sound sources and reduces feedback. The frequency response is perfectly tailored for bass instruments with a 20Hz to 10kHz frequency response and a presence boost at 4kHz to let electric basses and kick drums cut through the mix.

Great for Studio Work

In the studio, the Beta 52A excels on low-frequency sound sources. Supercardioid mics have a tendency toward increased proximity effect. Since the Beta 52A sports a supercardioid pickup pattern, positioning the mic closer to sound sources results in a bigger bottom-end response. This is great for tailoring the sound for the specific project.

Rugged Reliability

Like all Shure mics, the Beta 52A is built like a tank, meaning that you can travel with it from gig to gig and rest assured that it will last. Shure mics are famous for their bulletproof construction, and the Beta 52 is no exception. Night after night, the Beta 52A will perform!

Shure Beta 52A Features:

– Perfect for kick drum and other low frequency information

– 20Hz to 10kHz, presence boost at 4kHz

– Strong proximity effect for tonal variation

– Supercardioid pickup pattern for excellent isolation

– Max SPL: 174dB

Shure Beta 52A – Great kick and bass sounds on stage or in the studio!