The Sennheiser K6 Microphone System Powering Module is the power supply component in the K6 modular microphone system. The unit allows users to power a wide variety of compatible Sennheiser microphone heads (available separately) from either a single AA battery or from a connected 12 to 48V phantom power source. The module delivers high output levels with low noise and uses a transformerless balanced output. A switchable low-end roll-off filter helps you remove unwanted bass frequencies and rumbles for clearer recordings.

The K6 features a battery on/off switch with a test mode, so you can be sure you have enough battery power in the field. The anodized, matte-black finish resists abrasions, helping to maintain a professional appearance even under rigorous usage.


  • High-output, low-noise operation
  • Switchable bass roll-off filter with approximately -10 dB at 100 Hz and -20 dB at 50 Hz
  • Transformerless balanced output
  • Powered by 12 to 48 V phantom power source or one AA battery
  • Up to 150 hours of battery operating time
  • On/Off switch with battery test mode
  • Switches battery off automatically when phantom power is detected
  • Anodized scratch-resistant finish
  • Compatible Microphone Heads
  • ME 62, ME 64, ME 65, ME 66, ME 67, ME 102, ME 104, ME 105, and MKE 2-60