High-end flagship condenser microphone with the sensitivity of a studio condenser, but tough enough for the stage. Switch between gentle cardioid and more directional super-cardioid polar patterns. Stellar 40Hz – 20 kHz response.

The advantages of high-end studio and stage microphones are perfectly combined in the e 965: high-resolution, multifaceted sound supplemented by high feedback rejection and an extremely rugged design. The flagship of the evolution series is a true condenser, large-diaphragm microphone that has been developed for professional stage use. Its balanced sound is marked by clarity and sophistication; it gives the high-end a silky gloss and reproduces the lower mids in a warm, well-defined manner. The e 965 responds extremely quickly and transmits even the finest nuances in impressive detail. Depending on the stage setting, the pick-up pattern can be switched between gentle cardioid and more direct super-cardioid. This top model leaves no wishes unanswered in terms of sound, ruggedness and handling.

Key Features

• Large-diaphragm true condenser microphone

• Uniquely forceful, high-resolution sound

• High-definition for finest nuances, rich in detail

• Switchable pick-up pattern (cardioid/super-cardioid)

• Low-cut and pre-attenuation options

• Excellent handling noise rejection

• Pop and wind protection

• Extremely rugged metal housing


Frequency response: 40Hz – 20kHz

Weight: 396 g

Microphone connector: XLR-3

Diameter: Membrane: 25.4 mm/1″; Micro: 48 mm

Nominal impedance: 50Ω

Min. terminating impedance: 1000 Ω

Phantom powering: 48 V/ 3.5 mA

Operating temperature: 0C – +40C

Equivalent noise level: 21 dB (A)

Maximum sound pressure level (passive): 142 dB (152 dB) (with preattenuation)

Overall depth: 199 mm

Included Accessories: MZQ 800 microphone clamp, Pouch