Sennheiser AC2 Antenna Combiner

The Sennheiser AC2 is an RF signal combiner designed for use with the Sennheiser IEM G2 monitor system transmitters. The AC2 features four hardwired BNC cables for connecting four SR 300 transmitters. The AC2 combines the signal from all four transmitters and sends it via the single BNC antenna output. The AC2 also features DC power output cables for remotely powering connected SR 300 receivers.

  • Combines Multiple SR 300 Transmitters
  • The AC2 combines the RF signal of up to four SR 300 transmitters. The signal is sent out of the single antenna output and fed to the transmitters.
  • Hardwired Connections
  • The four BNC input cables are hard wired to the unit, avoiding misplaced cables and shortens set up time.
  • Provides DC Power
  • The AC2 provides power to the connected transmitters with four hardwired DC output connector cables.