Large Scale Paging System

This facility is an 870623.88 square foot Precast warehouse with a 28686.16 square foot basement, a 12266 square foot hazardous materials area and several two-story office towers.

The facility was opened in 1954 and is the largest warehouse in North America under a single roof structure.

Included in this project was a 6725 square foot guard house located approx. 2000 feet away from the main structure. Within this warehouse is a variety of racking systems, floor to ceiling, loaded with densely packed items making audio coverage an interesting challenge.

The goal was to cover 100% of all areas with clear intelligible audio 10db over ambient noise. Also, a part of the

requirement was to cover 100% of the building exterior 20db over ambient noise up to 800 feet from the building.
The system consists of approx. 300 speakers, most clusters suspended in grids, and 20 amplifiers in a central
location. There was over 10, 000 feet of conduit and 34, 000 feet of speaker wire installed as well as approx. 3000
feet of overhead cable running on power poles out to the guardhouse.