Tascam X-CD1700 MP3/CD Player

The Tascam CDX-1700 is a professional, rackmountable dual deck CD player with a full featured rackmount companion remote control, built-in effects, sampling and digital outputs for each deck.

The CDX-1700 represents the state-of-the-art for products of this type designed for DJ’s, from it’s ruggedness of design, to a full complement of much requested features and functions.

Rackmount Dual CD player with built-in 8 sec. samplers and digital outputs for each deck

Rackmount full function remote control with oversized control wheels and backlit displays for each deck

CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 playback with pitch bend and tempo changes for MP3 songs

Samplers feature Reverse playback, +/-32% pitch control and individual level control

BPM counter shows track BPM value or manual tap tempo control value

Built-in digital effects including filtering, flanging and echo, synchronize to BPM

Optional TT-M1 turntable remote sensor retrofits to edge of standard analog turntable, reads turntable controls such as start/stop, scratch, tempo slider, etc. to control CD audio in either deck

+/-0, 8, 16, 32 and 100% tempo control

+/-16% Key control raises or lowers key of song without affecting tempo

Key Original function retains key of song regardless of tempo changes

Pitch bend function behaves like pitch wheel on keyboard

Brake and Scratch wheel functions for analog turntable emulation

Reverse play and Stutter play performance “tricks”

Relay Play function for continuous playback over both decks

100-track memory storage

Memory Buffer for shock protection

Fader Start function for remote start from consoles and mixers with fader start capability

Auto cue function locates audio at beginning of song, bypasses ID and between-track times

Auto ready pauses at beginning of next track