Vio4K Analog Way

Achieve high-performance scaling and video processing with the VIO 4K Analog/Digital Multi-Format Converter from Analog Way. With up to nine inputs, three independent outputs, and a set of optional cards, this converter can display up to 4K at 60p. It features a 3.5″ color TFT LCD display for live monitoring, output rotation of 90, 180, and 270° per output, area of interest management, and unlimited zooming and shrinking. With the VIO 4K, you can convert a single source to three independent outputs or extract different parts of the source to product creative displays. This solution is suited for use in broadcasting, video-wall systems, monitoring systems, among many other possible uses.

Advanced LED wall functionalities

Ultra-low latency 10-bit processing 4:4:4

Two slots for video option card system expansion

One slot for audio option card system expansion

High-quality scaling engine

Source can be positioned anywhere on the screen, and up to 100% outside the screen in any direction

Genlock + Loop-through: Tri-level Sync. (HD) and Black Burst (SD)

Cross hatch, Dynamic Pattern

Audio management: 8 channels up to 96 kHz (Digital audio, AES & 3id)

Audio Delay compensation up to 300 ms

Fast swappable DVI I/O boards

Memory space for frames in 4K

USB Host: Mass storage

USB Device link

Advanced features:

Quick frame

Low frame delay

Upward conversion (Scaler)

Downward conversion (Scan converter)



Aspect ratios

Multi-format analog Genlock

Dynamic test patterns

Pan & Zoom functions

Freeze frame

Aperture correction

Audio & video monitoring directly from front panel

Output rotation

Custom formats

EDID management


Gamma correction & color temperature settings