ETC Smartfade 24/96 ML Moving Light/ Lighting Controller

he SmartFade ML 24/48 from ETC is a professional and compact 48-channel controller for up to 24 moving lights. It features memory-driven operation, built-in effects, and direct-access controls, including color-coded backlit elastomer keys and encoder or fader control of moving light parameters. This console is designed for use with a dimmer pack and a DMX cable, sold separately.

Memory-style operation

Up to 24 moving lights or dimmer/scrollers

Up to 48 intensity channels with multiple dimmers per channel

Encoders or fader controls for moving light parameters

24 groups

24 x 3 palettes (Focus, Color Beam)

288 memories (24 x 12 pages)

11 shape effects

11 linear effects

Parameter “fan”

Hue/saturation control of color mixing

Backlit color-coded elastomer keys indicate current color

Fully-programmable 199-step stack

24-step sequences (12 x 12 pages)

Tap tempo mode for sequence timing

10 Snapshot memories for temporary storage

Undo function

Master fader and Blackout button

Bumps master fader

Solo or pile-on mode for bump buttons

Dual LCD displays for configuration and programming