Chauvet Fallout Light Effect

The Chauvet Fallout LED Effects Light uses 36 (12 red, 12 green, 12 blue) LEDs to project dazzling multi-colored rotating beams that bathe the room and create stunning circular ring patterns on the floor. The constant movement of the Fallout’s motor yields unique, myriad effects throughout the night. And you won’t have to worry about duty cycle downtime either; just turn it on and let it run until everyone goes home. You can control up to 32 units via DMX and even power link up to 20 units to cut down on cabling.

  • Infectious, multi-colored effect light creates mind-blowing, rotating beams
  • Contains a rotating array of red, green and blue LEDs
  • User-selectable colors in stand-alone mode allow customized looks without a DMX controller
  • Motor motion creates ever-changing effects
  • Power link up to 20 units which saves time running cables and extension cords
  • Awesome sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music
  • Built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX