Strand 12081/3308 – Fresnel 1k 6″

The Strand Lighting Fresnelite is a high output tungsten-halogen studio or theatrical light fixture. This hanging, manually controlled 1000 watt 6″ Fresnel lens fixture has smooth and concise flood-to-spot adjustment. All handles are thermally insulated.

When fitted with a 1000 watt (BTR) bulb, this fixture will throw a beam of light of 210 footcandles 2.6′ in diameter from 25′ @ full spot. It will throw a beam of 25 footcandles 28′ in diameter @ full flood, from the same distance.

The lens has a side hinge for easy access to inner housing, for bulb replacement.

Insulated sweep arm with calibration label at the rear of the housing controls the focusing of the fixture.

Dual, locking T-handles on friction plates allow tilting and locking.

The housing is ribbed extruded aluminum between pressed steel cover plates. Black baked enamel finish.