Decade FM 850 Wireless FM Transmitter

User programmable frequency

• User programmable RF power level

• LED display for frequency and RF power level

• Tuning lock indicator

• No manual tuning required

• Works with standard FM receivers

• Coverage of 0.5 miles or more with portable FM receiver, 1.5 miles or more with car radio

• Hi-Fi audio

• Adjustable input level with normal and over modulation indicators

• Selectable bass boost and mono/stereo operation (FM-850 only)

• Choice of mono (FM-800) or stereo (FM-850)

• Unbalanced (mono 1/4-F) and balanced (XLR3-F) inputs

• Combined audio input connectors (1/4-F and XLR3-F)

• UHF-F (SO-239) RF output connector

• FCC part 73 and Industry Canada BETS-6 & RSS-123 certified

• All steel cabinet