Lab Gruppen FP 6400 Amplifier


This amp is extreme in every aspect! Loaded with Lab.gruppen’s leading technology, it offers a super-efficient switch mode power supply which reduces the weight without any effect on the audio signal, resulting in brilliant sound quality from the extreme lows to the very highs even under very difficult conditions.


3200 watts per channel @ 2 ohms

2300 watts per channel @ 4 ohms

1300 watts per channel @ 8 ohms

6400 watts in bridged mono @ 4 ohms

Light weight

MLS switch: Lab.gruppen’s unique power matching for different loads

Intercooler cooling system with front-to-rear airflow and easily accessible dust filters

Improved low-end power bandwidth

Link connector with XLR-type connector

Bridged mono outputs in one speakon connector

Extruded front panel for increased stability

Combo XLR – 1/4″ ins

Power Rating: 30 amps