Churches and Houses Of Worship

Churches and other houses of worship present some unique challenges for audio-visual system design. Budget concerns, volunteer staff, and decision-making processes all factor into the design and installation of the system. Whether the system is being planned as part of a new building project, renovation, or upgrade these challenges all come into play.

Allstar Show Industries understands these unique challenges and has a specialized team that focuses exclusively on houses of worship. They have dealt with these issues from the inside and, having been where you are, have more than just a passing knowledge of them. Whatever your need, from a small 50-person congregation to a 1500-seat auditorium, Allstar Show Industries will work with you to design the best system for your budget.

For existing facilities looking to upgrade, Allstar can do a full site survey to determine the optimal positioning of speakers, acoustic materials, sound booth, lights, video projector and screen. The result is uniform sound distribution, reduction of feedback and echo, flexible lighting for those special holiday events, and video that everyone can see.

Of course, the best time to consider your audio-visual system is during construction. Allstar can work with the architects and contractors to design and install an audio-visual system specifically for your building. The result is a clear, consistent experience no matter where one sits.

Allstar Equips Beulah Ministries with Yamaha, NEXO Gear

Some of the houses of worship the Allstar Show Industries has designed and in-stalled systems for include:

  • Bethesda Church - Edmonton, AB
  • Beulah Alliance Church - Edmonton, AB
  • Centre Street Church - Calgary, AB
  • Christ Church - Edmonton, AB
  • Ba'hai World Centre - Haifa, Israel
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints - Various
  • First United Church - Whiterock, BC
  • CityLights Church - Camrose, AB
  • St. Gerard's Parish - Calgary, AB
  • St. Matthew Lutheran Church - Stoney Plain, AB
  • St. Thomas Moore Church - Edmonton, AB
  • West Edmonton Christian Assembly - Edmonton, AB
  • Holy Trinity Church - North Vancouver, BC
  • First United Church - Whiterock, BC
  • St Edmonds Church - North Vancouver, BC
  • St George Coptic Church - Surrey, BC
  • Willingdon Church - Burnaby, BC

Whatever the project, the only way to get the best results is to hire a professional and Allstar Show Industries is a professional audio, lighting and video company that truly understands houses of worship.

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