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    Allstar was contracted to supply, install, site coordinate, inspect, test and warranty a facility wide Sound Reinforcement System.
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    Allstar was contracted to remove the retired equipment before supplying and installing a new 71 audio zone system.
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Educational Institutions also present unique challenges for audio systems, not the least of which a limited budget. Since most institutes of learning want minimal disruptions to the daily routines of teaching and learning, system installations have a specific time window and hard deadline.

Of specific concern to educational institutions is the whole area of classroom audio. Larger class sizes means more ambient sound and make it hard for those seated in the back to hear clearly. A classroom audio system with a wireless presenter or lavalier mic will go a long way to maximize intelligibility and facilitate learning.

Allstar Show Industries has designed and installed paging systems, theatre audio and lighting systems, distributed video systems, and classroom audio systems in elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, colleges, and universities both private and public. These are given the same care and attention to detail as theatres and houses of worship, and the results are spectacular.

Allstar Show Industries has installed professional audio systems in the following educational institutions and many others:

  • Edmonton Public & Separate Schools
    - Edmonton, AB
  • Elk Island School Division - Sherwood Park, AB
  • Grant MacEwan University - Edmonton, AB
  • Vancouver Public Schools - Vancouver, BC
  • Kamloops Public Schools - Kamloops, BC
  • Calgary Public School Board - Calgary, AB
  • JR Harris Junior High School - Barrhead, AB
  • Mount Royal University - Calgary, AB
  • Simon Fraser University - Vancouver, BC
  • York University - Toronto, ON
  • SAIT - Calgary, AB
  • University of Alberta - Edmonton, AB
  • University of Calgary - Calgary, AB
  • University of Regina - Regina, SK
  • Victory Village Bible College - Calgary, AB

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