• Rogers Place

    Allstar was contracted to supply, install, site coordinate, inspect, test and warranty a facility wide Sound Reinforcement System.
  • Professional Installation

    Do it right, do it once.
  • We Stand By It

    We're proud of the quality of our installations and we'll stand by them for years to come.
  • Quality Equipment

    We install the best equipment, the same equipment we use everyday in our Production department.
  • Custom Fabrication

    Sometimes the exact product you need doesn't exist. That's where our service department can help, fabricating exactly to your needs.
  • XL Stage

    Lightweight. Strong. Affordable. Easy. XL Stage has it all.
  • Lighting The World

    From conventional to intelligent, LEDs to discharge, we supply them all
  • Commercial Installations

    From TVs in your Gym to Smart Boards in your Boardroom, we've got it
  • Commonwealth Stadium

    Allstar was contracted to remove the retired equipment before supplying and installing a new 71 audio zone system.
  • The Power Of Video

    We understand it and can supply and install all the required components.

Audio Video Lighting Consumable Sales

We carry a wide range of consumables for audio, video, stage lighting professionals as well as photographers, TV and film  including:

  • FLUIDS (fog, haze, snow, bubble)
  • COLOUR FILTERS (lighting gel, sheets & rolls, ROSCOgel kits)
  • LIGHT ACCESSORIES (clamps, colour frames, gobo holders, safety cables)
  • ROSCO TAPES (floor and spike)
  • SPECIALTY PRO TAPES (gaff, cable path)

For more information, use the form below to contact our sales department or come into our Edmonton or Calgary locations today.

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Production and Rental service is not available from the Vancouver office.

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