• Rogers Place

    Allstar was contracted to supply, install, site coordinate, inspect, test and warranty a facility wide Sound Reinforcement System.
  • Commonwealth Stadium

    Allstar was contracted to remove the retired equipment before supplying and installing a new 71 audio zone system.

Audio Systems Sales

Crystal clear audio can serve many purposes. Basic paging, multi-zone and sound reinforcement are commom in just about every public facility, from the simplest to huge array systems for entertainment and corporate events.

Allstar has been supplying and installing high quality audio systems for decades. With this experience comes a wealth of knowledge that we utilize in every job we complete.

A quality and effective audio installation takes a lot of planning and forsight to ensure it achieves it's application in a balanced and clear fashion. It's a lot more than just spreading some speakers around the building!

The right product is nothing without the right installation. Our installers are professional tradespeople with years of installation experience. They work closely with the other trades on your project to ensure the installation process is pain-free.

All our installations are backed by comprehensive warranties and service packages ensuring years of carefree use.

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Production and Rental service is not available from the Vancouver office.

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